Do you look forward to going to work? Do you love your work and your colleagues? OR

Could you be enjoying work a lot more than you do right now?

We spend too long working to be miserable doing it! We can help you get out of the misery and back to the joy you deserve.

We've been helping business owners, people managers, coaches, consultants and future leaders find their joy at work since 2006.

Contact us today to discover how you can find your joy at work!

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" We used the Harrison Assessment tools followed by a debrief with Susan, for career development with staff, which then allowed us to work with Susan to create a customised 360 degree review process. Susan has a wealth of knowledge and is able to offer suggestions and solutions for our company. She is always ready to get involved and takes the time to show her clients the capability of Harrison Assessments. "

Jessica Hill - Head of People and Culture, Choice

" Balance at Work are the ideal external partners for us as they completely get what we are trying achieve in the People and Culture space. Their flexibility and responsiveness to our needs has seen the entire 360 approach being a complete success. The online tool and the follow up coaching sessions have been game changers for our business. The buzz in the organisation is outstanding. Love it! Thanks again for being such a great support crew on this key project. "

Chris Bulmer - National GM Learning and Development, ISS Australia

" We use Harrison Assessments with our clients to support their recruitment processes. We especially value the comprehensive customisable features that allow us to ensure the best possible fit within a company, team and position. Balance at Work is always one phone call away. We appreciate their valuable input and their coaching solutions have also given great support to our clients. "

Benoit Ribe - HR Solutions Manager, Polyglot Group

" Working with you… …I have learnt so much about myself as I’ve changed and grown significantly. I could not have achieved that without your guidance, advice and support. You have really helped shape me and my leadership journey. "

Leigh Abberton - Strategy & Transformation Manager, Quay Credit Union

The 5 Apps We Use Daily for More Time and More Joy FREE REPORT


Running a business or leading a team is hard work!

And it's even harder if you're not sure how or where to get the support you need, especially when you're managing people.

You know that the people in a business can make or break it. But you may not always know what to do next when it comes to managing or growing them.

That's when you contact us!  

If you're looking for ways to select the best people and keep them engaged, if you want to build careers and cultures - then you're in the right place.

We will help you implement and integrate best in class online tools to support you, your team and your clients to have more joy at work:

Harrison Assessments for psychometrics

Spidergap for 360 degree feedback

15Five for employee engagement


Harrison Assessments

The 5 Apps We Use Daily for More Time and More Joy FREE REPORT

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