Harrison Assessments and privacy

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New privacy provisions come into force in Australia today. Here’s a link to the summary for small businesses (annual revenue under $3 million):

One of the amendments (new Australian Privacy Principle 8) applies to personal information that is collected here but stored overseas. See:

Harrison Assessments data is stored overseas, so we are taking the time to let you know how we handle data.

Here is how we ask profilees or applicants for personal info via HATS

  • For jobs: “You are invited to apply for the <<Job Title>> job opening for <<Company Name>>. Please click on the link and complete the electronic questionnaire. The questionnaire results will be used to help <<Company Name>> better understand your work experience and work preferences.”
  • For development: “Please click on the link and fill out the work preferences questionnaire. The questionnaire results will be used to help <<Company Name>> better support your work satisfaction. There are no right or wrong answers. The questionnaire will take approximately 20 minutes to complete. Please complete the questionnaire when you can do it without interruptions.”
  • CNS landing page: “To gain access the Harrison Career Navigator, please click the link below then enter the e-mail address that this letter was sent to and the following temporary password: <<User Password>>. This system can help you to improve your understanding of your career preferences and options, and can be a very useful planning tool.”

These texts explain what we do with profilee’s information when they are actively taking steps to complete a questionnaire and why. Harrison Assessments is an assessment service provider (ASP), so in comparison to credit agencies or financial institutions the personal info we ask for is bare bones. The exception may be the optional and anonymous Age/Race/Sex questions that we use in research to prove HA’s not discriminatory, which can be turned off by request (given its anonymity it seems extreme to remove, but we err on the conservative side where this sensitive data in concerned). As for their assessment info, it’s personal, certainly, but being work preference related it’s almost irrelevant in any other context. We protect it none the less.

In the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner’s words:-


13.39 Personal information is irrelevant if it does not have a bearing upon or connection to the purpose for which the information is held.

Our data collection is 100% relevant and securely held, with control in the hands of our Customers for how they manage individual concerns that spring from their employees/applicants.

Harrison Assessments have always been globally careful regarding privacy because it’s the right thing to do. The data is secure. We are sensitive to it remaining so.

For more details, read Privacy Policy Statement_Harrison Assessments International

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns.

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