Looking for some workplace magic?

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On my way back from Melbourne last week, I sat near a girl who was reading a book called ‘Workplace Magick’.  This started me thinking about a lot of things, mostly about how bad things must be at work for someone to hope a book like that might help.  
 Have you ever felt that desperate?  I know I have!  And I’m also fairly sure no magic was going to fix it!
The Gallup organisation recently studied work satisfaction. They found that feeling that you have friends at work was one of the top predictors of job satisfaction.  You can achieve a friendly and productive workplace by creating a positive work environment that motivates people.  


How can you bring back the magic for your team? 

1.  Think of yourself as a facilitator and supporter of greatness, for both your team and individual members.  When you know their strengths, you can help them harness and contribute their best efforts.
2.  Be willling to share the credit when things go well and avoid playing the blame game when they go wrong. 
3.  Be aware of how you talk to – and about – members of your team.  How you communicate, verbally and nonverbally, is being constantly monitored and judged by those around you.
4.  Listen to and respect the opinions of team members.  Show them that their suggestions are valued by being prepared to try something new when they offer solutions to problems they’ve identified.
5.  Keep your commitments.  If you promised the team that something would happen, it’s up to you to make sure it happens, or have a reasonable explanation when it doesn’t.

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2 thoughts on “Looking for some workplace magic?

  1. Yvonne McIntosh

    Susan, this seems so simple and yet how many people do it consistently?
    I totally agree that it would be creating a magically wonderful place to work if every leader took this to heart. I specifically like your comment about “you are being watched and judged all the time” and that’s so true!
    Great post!

    1. admin

      Thanks for your thoughts, Yvonne. I believe true leaders, in being self-aware, understand the impact they can have on others – even without saying anything!


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