Harrison Assessments

Psychometric assessments with results that lead to action

One powerful and accurate online psychometric assessment, over 6000 researched job templates and our expert advice take the guesswork out of employment decisions.


Reports can be tailored to your specific needs, including traits selected by you to match job requirements.


We use Harrison Assessments for quick, concise, accurate and reliable results.


All you need to know, without the jargon. We measure both eligibility and suitability to give you the full picture.

"We used the Harrison Assessment tools followed by a debrief with Susan, for career development with staff, which then allowed us to work with Susan to create a customised 360 degree review process. Susan has a wealth of knowledge and is able to offer suggestions and solutions for our company. She is always ready to get involved and takes the time to show her clients the capability of Harrison Assessments. "

Jessica Hill - Head of People and Culture, Choice

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Have you ever been classified as an ‘ENTJ’ (MBTI), or perhaps ‘high C’ (DiSC) or ‘Rational’ (HBDI)?

Does a label define you? We believe you’re much more complex – and interesting – than labels. That’s why we choose to use Harrison Assessments.

The theory behind Harrison Assessments is deceptively simple and remarkably effective

1. We are a mix of characteristics that can’t be measured in simple x or y terms. In fact, we can be both x and y. (Paradox)

2. When we do work we enjoy, we perform well. (Enjoyment Performance)

Makes sense, don't you think?


We are authorised to train you to use Harrison Assessments in your organisation. After the training we provide ongoing support, allowing you to learn by doing.

Contact us is you'd like to know more about Harrison accreditation.

"We use Harrison Assessments with our clients to support their recruitment processes. We especially value the comprehensive customisable features that allow us to ensure the best possible fit within a company, team and position. Balance at Work is always one phone call away. We appreciate their valuable input and their coaching solutions have also given great support to our clients."

Benoit Ribe - HR Solutions Manager, Polyglot Group

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